In memory of my dear friend Thomas “Luke” Lukaszek

Yesterday I woke up from a dream about a former co-worker and friend, Chris, who had a stroke that he only partially recovered from. I thought briefly that maybe it was a sign that Chris passed away. But then my thoughts quickly jumped to Luke. …

Self, Philosophy, Spirituality

2000 years ago three Stoics mastered the art of self-reflection

Way to authentic, impactful journaling. Close-up of fountain pen on paper.

I started writing daily in a journal about 40 years ago. Back then my purpose was to record my thoughts, experiences, and responses to those experiences. What locked me into the act of journaling back then was the multi-layered benefits.

Today, 40 years later, I can honestly report that I’ve…

“I absolutely feel an ongoing obligation to every source that was brave enough to help expose injustice”

In front of an office building protestors sit in front of a pink water vessel with ‘tell the truth’ in large black letters.

The most shocking story to shake our culture to the bones in recent times — which morphed into a gazillion more stories — began the ‘Me Too’ movement. It began with a few solid journalists at the New York Times, namely Megan Twohey, Jodi Kantor, and Ronan Farrow. …

Forget the sob story…just turn to a new chapter!

silouette of a person looking up at an awesome expance of the sky at night. Milky way is central.

Today I rediscovered yet another wondrous feature of my brain. It started with reflection.

Thinking back on summer now that September’s here, I recalled July. July was my poster child month, as I sailed through the days with satisfaction of near-daily publishing on Medium.

Then August snuck up on me…

Lee Nourse

“When I said I hoped my dreams would come true, I meant the GOOD ones.” Cheers and may your best dreams come true here………….

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